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28+ days wear time: New longwear
skin adhesive tape for medical wearables

Sensitive and stressed skin can breathe a sigh of relief: Learn about the new Lohmann skin tape DuploMED 85300 for medical wearables in our webinar – for extended wear times of 28+ days. Find out how 
  • our product combines comfort, cost efficiency and sustainability,  
  • DuploMED 85300 is meeting the challenges of Continuous Glucose Monitoring applications, 
  • the new skin patch was intensively tested in several internal wear studies around the globe,  
  • Lohmann can support you with your project, from prototyping individual high-precision die cuts to series production and seamless integration of components.  

Discover more about the features of the biocompatible high-performance product, from breathability and water resistance to pain-free removability!